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Is the Keratin Hair Treatment Safe?

Is the Keratin Hair Treatment Safe?

Keratin hair treatment, or Brazilian treatment, seems to be the ideal method for most women. It smoothens out the frizz and curls from the hair and gives it a uniform texture. But this treatment is a temporary curl softening method. Normal hair straightening methods use harsh chemicals to make hair straight, while keratin treatment is a plant-based therapy to smoothen the hair.

Keratin treatment is generally done for those who have frizzy, dull hair. It is also ideal for hair that has undergone color or chemical treatments earlier. This treatment is sure to give shining, straight hair for both males and females, particularly if they have strong hair that can tolerate flat ironing. But this treatment is not suited for those with scalp problems or very fine hair. People with hair damaged by bleaching should also avoid using this treatment for straightening and smoothening. It is not suggested for pregnant women.

Whether keratin treatment is safe or not has been controversial, especially after the discovery of formaldehyde in some of the formulas. Some of the formulations use derivatives of formaldehyde in them, making it unsafe. Formaldehyde is associated with a number of health issues and is normally seen in those who are regularly exposed to this chemical for a long time like salon workers. Most of the formulations use safe, tolerable levels of formaldehyde. There are no stringent regulations on the ingredients of these treatment formulations and all products are not a safe bet. Some of the salons add some more formaldehyde to make it more effective but unsafe.

Although keratin is good for hair restoration, the flat ironing part of the process may make hair brittle. Using too hot of a flat iron to dry and seal may break the hair. Many people complain of headaches, eye irritation, sore throat and running nose after this treatment. Some of the treatment methods require a waiting period of four to five days to set the hair completely. Moreover, one should totally avoid salt water and chlorinated pool water after the treatment as both the conditions reduce the effect of keratin treatment. Getting smooth, shining, straight hair with this method is not cheap either. Specific shampoos and conditioners are recommended that are expensive when compared to other products.