Women's Health

Lupus Advocate Jokiva Bellard's Journey to Feeling Beautiful After Diagnosis

Bellard uses the power of social media to spread positivity.

Bellard saw how cruel people could be on these platforms and decided that if cruelty can have that much power over social media, then positivity can have infinitely more power. It worked! Even Michael B. Jordan reached out to encourage Bellard to keep fighting and going strong.

"This platform is just a platform to tell women that they can still be beautiful no matter what skin they're in. No matter what color, no matter what blemishes. Lupus made me love myself even more. Now, I feel like the most beautiful and the most strong when I'm sick — in the hospital. For you, to get any better, you have to fight it. And to fight, you have to be strong. And so in that moment, I do become strong. And I do become beautiful, because I'm sitting there like, 'OK girl, we're about to fight this.'" Bellard tells Allure.