Women's Health

Lupus Advocate Jokiva Bellard's Journey to Feeling Beautiful After Diagnosis

Bellard wants everyone to know that your beauty is much more than your physical appearance.

Bellard ends her video with the questions: "How is lupus supposed to look? How is beauty supposed to look?" She pontificates on the arbitrary beauty standards placed on society and wants people to understand that so much of beauty is in one’s own confidence. She encourages people to embody their confidence in the way they walk, talk, and carry themselves.

"You guys are beautiful. Beautiful in your own skin. Beautiful internally. Love yourself ... You walk with a sass. You better sizzle." And while everyone might not be able to “sizzle” so easily, she encourages people to be patient. “There’s no time limit on beauty,” Bellard says, “and no time limit on when you can find it. Just be patient.”

Photo source: @_indianrosee