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How Oncologists Are Changing the Way Breast Cancer Is Ranked

This test has been used in over 170,000 patients so far, and counting

Before, the approach was to use many types of treatments, based on the stage of the cancer. This helped to ensure that you covered your bases in ways to fight against the cancer but involved treatment methods which did not help.

These extraneous treatments can have negative health effects for the patient and can increase the financial burden as well.

Adopting the new method of ranking breast cancer, by allowing for a more accurate approach to treatment, avoids these negative health effects as much as possible. Doctors will be able to assign treatment similar to how they use a surgeon’s scalpel as opposed to beating the tumor with a hammer.

The new guidelines have only been in effect for a few months but their effects have already been felt by many patients.

So far, over 170,000 patients have had their breast cancer treatment adjusted based on the results of the Oncotype DX test.