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Woman with Ovarian Cancer Has 30 Pounds of Tumors Removed

Woman with Ovarian Cancer Has 30 Pounds of Tumors Removed

A woman from Delavan, Wisconsin thought that she was putting on weight, but as it turned out, her condition was much more severe. Tina Ferguson had 30 pounds of tumors in her stomach from a rare type of cancer and she was told that she only had months to live. “I just thought it was middle age and weight gain. You have no idea you have something inside you that is killing you,” said Ferguson

During her visit to the doctor, Ferguson was given a diagnosis of ovarian cancer that was possibly benign. However, while undergoing an operation to have the tumor removed, the doctor found something unexpected. “I will never forget them coming in the room and saying, ‘This is stage 4. You have appendix cancer’,” said Ferguson. Appendix cancer is considered to be a very rare type of cancer. In the United States alone, there are around 1.2 cases of the cancer per 100,000 individuals each year.

Ferguson had a 30-pound tumor present inside her abdomen that had ruptured, spreading tumors to other organs in her body and leaving mucin, a slimy-like material, in the lining of her abdomen. It took Dr. Harveshp Mogal, a cancer surgeon affiliated with Froedtert Hospital and the Medical College of Wisconsin, and a surgical team, a total of 12 hours to remove the entire tumor. They also used a new type of chemotherapy, known as Hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy (HIPEC), to eliminate the tumors.

Now, six months later, Ferguson is completely cancer-free. “It’s changed my entire outlook on life. You know almost dying, you can’t take anything for granted. Every day is a gift,” she said

HIPEC consultation

Froedtert Hospital in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is a leading center in HIPEC surgery in the Midwest and across the nation. It uses advanced imaging technologies to detect cancers at an early stage that can be treated with HIPEC surgery. The center’s main objective is to provide each patient with a thorough and personalized consultation so that they can walk away with a clear view of their short-term and long-term outlook, both in terms of chances of overall cancer recovery and chances of a cure.

What is HIPEC and how does it work? 

In the past, patients with advanced cancers had only a few medical options available to them. Today, thanks to continuous advancements in technology, HIPEC offers a new treatment option – even for individuals who have been told that they have no options.
HIPEC stands for Hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy. It is a state-of-the-art procedure that is used to treat a wide range of abdominal cancers, including appendix cancer, colon cancer, pseudomyxoma peritonei, and peritoneal mesothelioma. In some instances, it can also be used to treat stage IV gastric or ovarian cancers.

Read on to learn more about HIPEC and how it's paving the way for cancer treatment.

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