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Woman with Ovarian Cancer Has 30 Pounds of Tumors Removed

Patients should know that other options are available

When deciding to undergo HIPEC surgery, it is important to choose an experienced HIPEC surgical team. Findings from numerous studies have shown that complication incidences decrease drastically when a patient undergoes surgery with a care team that is highly experienced. The HIPEC surgical team’s experience in treating patients with complex abdominal cancers is high, as the surgeons see the problems on a frequent basis. “We are proud to have taken care of hundreds of patients with peritoneal surface malignancies. Because we are a regional high-volume center, our complication rates are much lower than national averages,” said Dr. Clarke, in reference to the Froedtert Hospital & MCW Health Network.

Although some of the surgeries carry potential complications, which may be unavoidable, the HIPEC surgical team at the Froedtert Hospital & MCW Health Network are trained to anticipate these challenges. “They’re not new challenges for us; they’re challenges we welcome, and they’re challenges we understand how to take care of,” said Dr. T. Clarke Gamblin, surgical oncologist.