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Woman with Ovarian Cancer Has 30 Pounds of Tumors Removed

Recovery varies from person to person

Recovery post HIPEC surgery varies from individual to individual. “In general, our patients will typically leave the hospital in about seven to 10 days after their surgery. After initial surgery, we follow our patients very closely to monitor for complications in the immediate postoperative period as well as for tumor recurrence over time,” said Dr. Clarke. After a few months, patients come back for a follow-up visit to determine if any new tumors have developed since their last examination. As months go on with no evidence of disease, follow-up visits are spread out on a yearly basis.
In terms of long-term quality of life, this generally depends on the extent of the surgery. However, physical therapists and dieticians who are dedicated members of the HIPEC program at Froedtert Hospital can help patients return to living normal lives in a much quicker manner.