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Postpartum Bodies: Women on Instagram Show the Reality of Their Bodies After Pregnancy

Sia Cooper: "Let your kids be your REASON and not your EXCUSE."

The expectation that our bodies after pregnancy go back to normal is not only unrealistic, it is also damaging. Still, even when celebrities are coming out about their post pregnancy bodies, women are being criticized and shamed for their appearance after giving birth. Recently, Instagram account, @takebackpostpartum and other instagram fitness moms aimed to celebrate postpartum bodies, and have created a movement across Instagram of new mothers posting their everyday reality: Stretch marks, hair loss, weight gain, and their beautiful newborn babies.

Sia Cooper is an Instagram fitness mommy who is most known for getting her body back after having her two children. She wants mothers and society to know that your body will never be the same, even when you try to get it back. But it is possible to get back in shape, with work and dedication. Cooper is a personal trainer and the creator of the "Strong Body Guide," which includes a 12 week workout and meal plan. Through her inspiring photos, Cooper helps other moms by giving them access to her YouTube channel and blog, and other guidebooks. She even offers a clean eating plan and workout for mothers who are still pregnant called, Fit For Two.

Sia Cooper wants her followers to know, "Let your kids be your REASON and not your EXCUSE. It won’t be easy, but it’ll be worth it! Staying in shape during your pregnancy will greatly affect how your body returns to its normal self. Though you may never be exactly the same, you can look and feel better than ever before. You must believe in yourself." @diaryofafitmommyofficial

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Credit: Instagram account diaryofafitmommyofficial