Alexa Brown: "My photo isn't the type that is on display as a 'post-baby bod' featured in magazines"

"Post partum reality. We don't talk about this issue enough. Not only are our bodies completely out of sorts, we're exhausted, we're changing into new people, and don't get me started on our emotions. No longer can we we keep these things to ourselves and secretly suffer. Don't get me wrong, creating life is hands down one of the most amazing things I've ever accomplished in my life. I'm proud of it and most days right after giving birth we're beautiful. But there were also days of complete sadness and just gloom. And if we're being completely honest, I was completely self conscious to be naked in front of my own husband and I didn't want to be intimate with him. My photo isn't the type that is on display as a “post-baby bod” featured in magazines. Society puts the pressure on many new moms to feel that their post-pregnancy bodies should look identical to their pre-pregnancy bodies. Being in front of millions daily, I felt the pressure to get my body back. I gave birth to my second daughter 3 1/2 months ago. I have a few more stretch marks, some tummy flab that won't go away. My belly button is even saggy and stretched out (one of the many things no one warns you about). If this is how I feel as a fitness person, I can't even imagine how other moms must feel. To all my momma bears, give yourself some grace, if you're feeling sad do not go at it alone, talk about it, and lastly own that body. That body created life! Look at your sweet babe and give yourself some credit." @alexajeanfitness

Alexa Jean Brown is a fitness mom of two, who knows the exact meaning of motivation. Like other stars, she has her own  fitness programs that moms can take a part in. She strives to create a community that puts the negative stereotypes to shame. Brown wants every woman and man to know that women's bodies after pregnancy do not immediately bounce back and it's nothing to be ashamed of. She hopes that her workouts can help mothers find the most effective and efficient way to build their mothers bodies back to their prime. Even with their busy schedule. 

Credit: Instagram account @alexajeanfitness