Chontel Duncan: "I've been smashing those weights for the smallest changes."

"7 days to 7 months 'postpartum' Haven’t stuck to anything specific and wasn’t 100% on my nutrition. I had the Christmas break, a week away at a beach house, a week in Bali, a wedding, 2 weeks in New Zealand and a lot of smaller events. Due to all these occasions I just said to myself that I would cruise through this bounce back slowly and enjoy the events coming up without any worry. Each time I was away I never trained & certainly didn’t eat as healthily as I normally would. As of lately I’ve actually been hitting it pretty hard with consistently sticking to my usual clean eating habits and training for results and this is where I feel the most part of my results have come from. Gosh I wish muscle wasn’t so hard to build lol I feel like I’ve been smashing those weights for the smallest changes hahaha... that’s the downside to my body type but I will get there." @chontelduncan 

Chontel Duncan is another fitness Instagram mummy who has founded a transformation program to help postpartum moms gain back their shape called Hiit Australia. Duncan knows all about what it takes to get her body back to where it was before she was pregnant. But, she admits that she didn't immediately go back to eating clean and working out. Duncan is working to share on Instagram her struggles with gaining back her muscle and shows, that it's not as easy as it looks.

Credit: Instagram account @chontelduncan