Ciara Jenkins: "I workout because 1. it's my JOB to be healthy. 2. i love my body so much."

"Usually keep it positive because that’s just my gig. BUT as a trainer and someone who shares my journey and life, i naturally get criticized and/or critiqued (usually in my DM) SO... here it goes ... Top 3 questions i get as a trainer/mom.... 1. yea i gained a lot of weight with my babes ((first babe- 76 lbs, second babe- 42 lbs, third babe-40ish?? lbs)) 2. no i don’t workout like crazy. 45-60 min usually 5x a week. Minimal cardio 3. No i don’t workout and eat healthy to show off my body to you. I workout because 1. it’s my JOB to be healthy. and 2. i love my body so much ... i want to treat it so good 3. My kids look up to my habits and view of my self image so much that i can’t waiver in my commitment. period. Am i perfect? HECK no. i drink beer and eat junk food and love pizza at 11 pm. BUT i am dedicated and fiercely protective of my health. Anyways... proud of my progress and i love sharing what i do and what works for me with you." @ciarajenkins

Not only is Ciara Jenkins a personal trainer, she also is a "Body after baby specialist." She offers tips for moms who are trying to eat healthy and gain back their image, one step at a time. Everything that this mother of 3 does is for her kids, and she wants everyone to know that she does what she does to remain healthy. Jenkins also offers her own personal training classes online so that mothers can fit them in with their busy schedules.

Credit: Instagram account @ciarajenkins