"Ladies, give your body some grace... Take your time, love yourself."

"You guys, I have to clear the air about something! I keep getting emails, comments, messages from women who have had babies and say, "Amy, I'm 6 weeks, or 2 months or 3 months postpartum and I don't look anything like you!! Help!!" Uhhh, I didn't look like I do now at 3 months postpartum either!!! My biggest message of all is that this takes time. That you don't have to be back into pre pregnancy shape at 4 months pp if that isn't your main goal in life!! At 3 and 4 months pp, my biggest goals were getting enough sleep and breastfeeding my baby. Truly. I only worked out when I could and had enough energy, and although my diet was healthy, I literally tracked nothing and didn't restrict myself. 

It wasn't until about 6-7 months pp that I started to train consistently and more intensely. And I didn't start "dieting" until 10 months pp. We finally stopped breastfeeding at 10.5 months pp. So, ladies, give your body some grace... Take your time, love yourself. Keep your priorities straight. Get enough sleep. Love on those babies!!! Your lean body will come back when the time is right!!!" @fitamysuzanne 

Credit: Instagram account @takebackpostpartum