"Physical characteristics that uniquely make up you are beautiful, lovable, and worthy of respect."

The following are other women who are taking charge in this movement of postpartum bodies. These women have been celebrated on @takebackpostpartum

"Comment with if you have any of the following: stretch marks, cellulite, a mama pooch, a papa pooch, just yer average pooch, a six pack, long legs, short legs, a big butt, a teensy butt, an in-between butt, muscles, fat anywhere on your body, dark-toned skin, light-toned skin, ANY TONE OF SKIN COLOR, a lot of facial hair, no facial hair, one arm - or two (or three!), birth marks of any kind, scars of any kind, freckles, eyelashes, a neck, etc, etc, etc. My point? ALL OF THE ABOVE - AND MORE - PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS THAT UNIQUELY MAKE UP YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL, LOVABLE, & WORTHY OF RESPECT, ACCEPTANCE, AND (YOU GUESSED IT!) LOVE. There is nothing you need to lose or change or limit EXCEPT the beliefs that keep you thinking you are ONLY of value when you are losing & changing & limiting. YOU WERE BORN INTO WORTHINESS, MY LOVES. You are awe-some for existing in the body you have - and guess what the coolest part is? YOU DON’T EVEN HAVE TO LOVE YOUR BODY RIGHT NOW TO ATTAIN THAT WORTHINESS. You can show up with as much body-hating baggage as I did after I birthed my daughter in 2015. All that is needed is the willingness - if even for a single moment in your day! - to believe in something DIFFERENT."  @thelindsaywolf#postpartumbody #takebackpostpartum

Credit: Instagram account takebackpostpartum