The MidFitCouple: "I knew it would take time and commitment to get these results."

"I felt pretty pregnant still walking out of the hospital after having Antonella. But I knew what I had to do. I knew it would take time and commitment to my program but it’ll get those results working... it’s not a matter of how fast we get there, it’s a matter of staying in the game because we are all going to the same place. Join my mommy group and let’s rock those bikinis this summer" @midfitcouple

The midfitcouple on Instagram has been helping new mother achieve their best with their program and partnership with Herbalife. Milena is a mother to two children and is continuing to show, with her husband Diego, that moms aren't alone in their journey to get fit. This couple not only offers their tips on nutrition and fitness, they also show the results of their program with other moms.

Credit: Instagram account @midfitcouple