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How Cannabis Can Stop the Progression of Metastatic Breast Cancer

Other celebrities who support cannabis for cancer

Olivia Newton-John isn’t the only celebrity getting behind medicinal cannabis. Melissa Etheridge is a rock star and a breast cancer survivor. She used medicinal cannabis during her chemotherapy treatments. Melissa said that the cannabis stimulated her appetite which in turn helped her keep her strength up. She has continued to smoke cannabis for medical reasons following her chemotherapy treatments because it helps reduce depression and lingering pain.

Tommy Chong used CBD hemp oil, to treat his prostate cancer. He claims medicinal cannabis is the reason he is currently in remission and 99% prostate cancer free. Chong did not use any surgical methods, only natural remedies and hemp oil, to treat his cancer. He has recently been diagnosed with rectal cancer and has used his past experience with cannabis to relieve pain and reduce anxiety.

Sam Simon, creator of The Simpsons, was diagnosed with terminal colon cancer in 2012. At that time, he was given only three to six months to live. He turned to medicinal cannabis for pain management and to reduce his depression. Instead of living just three months Sam went on to live three more years after his terminal diagnosis thanks to his cannabis use.

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