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Research Reveals 10 Silent Ovarian Cancer Symptoms

Research Reveals 10 Silent Ovarian Cancer Symptoms

Ovarian cancer is an unfortunate threat which can affect almost any woman. However, your ovaries are hidden deep within your body, and it can be difficult to detect when they have been affected by cancer. Many of the symptoms feel the same as common illnesses or even the natural effects of aging.

It is because of this that ovarian cancer has been nicknamed “The Silent Killer,” as the symptoms mimic other diseases or are barely noticeable.

However, ovarian cancer’s symptoms are persistent. Simple treatments will not cause them to go away, and while they may subside for a time they will always return.

It is important to detect ovarian cancer early. When caught early, most women will survive treatment then go on to live a cancer-free life. Ninety percent, in fact. That is a huge number. If caught late, however, the chances of survival drop dramatically. If the cancer is caught during the later stages, the survival rate can drop to thirty-five percent or lower.

Only fifteen percent of women who develop ovarian cancer get diagnosed during the first stage, where survival is the most likely. So, it is important to pay attention to your body and approach your doctor with any concerns about whether or not you have developed ovarian cancer.

Studying the following symptoms may save your life.