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Shapewear Garments May Help to Burn More Calories

Shapewear Garments May Help to Burn More Calories

A new study has shown that women who wear tight shapewear garments during a workout will burn more calories compared to women who do not. The researchers from the University of Virginia say that these garments makes the muscles work harder and burn more calories.

In this study, 15 women with the average age of 39-years-old did two treadmill walking tests, each for a period of 15 minutes. In one of the tests, the women wore the shapewear garment, while for the next test, they avoided it. After one test they took a break of 15 minutes. The treadmill speed was maintained at 3 mph, but the inclination varied every 5 minutes from 0% to 10%.

The results of the study, presented in the annual meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine in Baltimore, showed that:

  • The amount of calories burnt was 3% to 16% more when the participants were wearing the shapewear garment.
  • Maximum benefit in terms of burning calories was noted when the treadmill was at an inclination of 10% and the women were wearing shapewear garment.

“The study was conducted under controlled scientific conditions and the results showed that the amount of calories burnt increased considerably while walking," reports Arthur Weltman, PhD, director of the graduate exercise physiology program at the University of Virginia’s Curry School of Education. The shapewear garment used in the study was designed for moderate physical activity and had innumerable resistance bands which make the muscles to work harder than usual. It is this extra effort that helps to burn more calories, adds researchers. This shapewear garment was referred to as “a workout you can wear”. The makers of the garment claim that it can help women to increase the calorie burning through normal and moderate activities.