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Digging Deep to Support a Teammate With Ovarian Cancer

Digging Deep to Support a Teammate With Ovarian Cancer

Digging Deep to Support a Teammate With Ovarian Cancer

Just like most young women her age, Alex Wilcox lives a life revolving around college, friends, and hobbies. As a freshman at the Mississippi State University, Alex is also a dedicated member of the softball team. She's got the whole college life down - studying hard, going to softball practice, and bonding with her teammates who will also be her lifelong friends. But Alex is also one of the strongest women anyone could hope to meet. She's battling ovarian cancer.

Ovarian cancer can strike otherwise healthy young women

How did such a normal, wonderful, young woman come to such a devastating fate? Unfortunately, ovarian cancer is a rare but serious condition that can affect otherwise healthy young women. Many times, because it diagnosed late, it's incredibly tough to treat. Though it's more common in older women, it can often strike those who are young too, like Alex.

High school got serious fast for Alex Wilcox

Not many young adults can say they've faced something as serious as cancer. Most teen girls and young women are faced with the daily battle of finding something to wear, or crushing over their latest new fling. But for Alex, life got serious fast.

Alex was diagnosed with ovarian cancer back in 2015 when she was still in high school. As a junior in high school, while most of her peers were worrying about college applications and upcoming exams, Alex was fighting for her life.

But Alex was never fighting this fight alone

Luckily for Alex, she never had to traverse this treacherous road alone. When she started college, the support continued. Her teammates have been by her side since the very first day she arrived in Starkville for college. Though Alex had been diagnosed several years ago, she was by no means safe from the battles ahead. Her teammates knew how important it was to lift Alex up and help her overcome this very serious fight against ovarian cancer.

The Bulldog family stepped up to the plate for Alex

They started a campaign after she was welcomed into the Bulldog family. The campaign was called "No One Fights Alone". Not only did this effort honor Alex and her battle against ovarian cancer, but it also supported everyone else who suffers from this disease.

Alex isn't the only one feeling the love

Besides supporting their beloved teammate, the team also supports other ovarian cancer patients in the state of Mississippi. They do this by recording touching messages of encouragement and sending them to patients. These encouraging moments will be shared at the university's six home midweek contests.

Alex's softball team has joined in to help their community fight cancer together

The softball team has also designed game programs for contests so that fans can write down names of a loved one who is currently fighting cancer. In the fourth inning, fans will then join the team in a moment of silence, holding up the front of their program guides so that their loved ones' name can be shown. This symbolizes the support for their fight to show that nobody fights this cancer battle alone.

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