Women's Health

Surviving Breast Cancer Has Given Julie Stokes a New Legislative Purpose

She also wants post-cancer screenings to be covered by insurance

Stokes is now also pushing for two other bills relating to cancer to be passed, one of which is House Bill 690 and requires insurers to cover screenings after cancer treatment so that patients can see if the cancer has spread or if it has recurred. To help make the case, Stokes enlisted the help of Kim Sport, a cancer survivor, to talk about her own experience. Sport was diagnosed with cancer a third time around during a follow-up screening. She had unsuccessfully motioned to have her insurer help out with the cost of her annual PET scans. “It should be the doctor’s decision about whether it’s a covered medical examination and not the insurance company’s decision,” she said. House Bill 690 was passed by the committee and the House and it is currently pending approval by the state Senate.