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The 10 Most Dangerous Risk Factors for Ovarian Cancer

Family history of ovarian and other cancer

10. Family history of ovarian and other cancer

Those with a family history of ovarian, colorectal and breast cancer caused by an inherited gene mutation are at risk for ovarian cancer.

The closer family it is, such as a mother, sister or daughter, the more potential for risk there is.

The gene mutation is on genes BRCA1 and BRCA2, which normally protect from cancer, except when they are mutated.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention say the more relatives you have with the above diseases, the more at risk you are. You are also at risk if you have personally been afflicted with one of the above diseases.

The presence of the gene mutation does not mean you automatically will get the disease though.

It is possible to get genetic counseling, which your doctor can refer you to. They can provide information, resources and support for educated decision making.

Most likely to be diagnosed are Caucasian women who are older than 40. Having risk factors doesn’t mean you definitely will get ovarian cancer. Because early detection is so important, it is best to educate yourself of your risks and be mindful of potential symptoms.