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The Common Ovarian Cancer Side Effect Few People Talk About

The link between oophorectomy and libido

The link between oophorectomy and libido

While it may seem like there are more important things to worry about, sex is still a need for people with cancer, and a night well-spent may increase one’s general outlook and ability to fight cancer another day.

Successful ovarian cancer treatment may involve something called an oophorectomy, which is when a surgeon removes not just the cancerous mass but also an ovary. Sometimes both. As the ovaries are part of the sex organs, this can lead to sexual dysfunction.

Women who have undergone this surgery often take a serious hit to their sexual life. They tend to lose their libido and find it harder to become aroused. Oophorectomies can lead to reduction in testosterone levels; while this hormone is traditionally associated with men, it is also very important in the healthy sexual function of women.