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The Roles Animals Can Play in Treating Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian Cancer :Dog Medicine

Dog Medicine

A very moving example of how an adopted pet dog helped a young woman in the pit of despair, is Julie Barton’s Dog Medicine: How My Dog Saved Me from Myself. Julie was a recent college grad and had landed a coveted NYC job in the publishing business. But Julie’s life had gone awry, and she spiraled into a deep depression.

The intricate details of the day Julie reached her low point carry you with her as the suicidal thoughts creep in and out of her mind, and she finally calls her Mom to take her back to her childhood home in Ohio.

During Julie’s struggles, she decides to adopt a dog; Bunker Hill was a golden retriever who literally became her miracle of healing.

Amazon gives this book a 4 + rating. Be prepared for an emotional experience and keep tissues handy.

We have now come full circle on this journey of learning about what positive roles animals can play in the lives of humans with physical or emotional conditions.