Women's Health

Things Women Do That Men Will Never Understand

"If you pay so much for a bra, wouldn't you want to keep it on when you get home?"

Men will never understand the joy that comes with taking off a bra after a long day. No matter what size or shape you are, wearing a bra can definitely be uncomfortable. You get used to it, but there is a feeling of constriction the entire day. When you finally get to take it off, there is an immediate feeling of comfort and relaxation. So, don't be surprised if someone takes off their bra as soon as they walk in the house. If you had to wear one all day, trust us - you would too.

Another similar one is that girls will often take their pants off only a few minutes after they walk in the door. We wear very tight pants and jeans, so taking them off can feel fantastic. For the rest of the day you will usually find us in leggings or sweatpants, which are much nicer options, to be honest.