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Things Women Do That Men Will Never Understand

"Some purses are just as big as Mary Poppins--for only things that they need 'just in case'"

Anyone who grew up watching Mary Poppins can distinctly remember the amazement that comes with watching her pull a ridiculous number of items out of her bag - even fitting a lamp inside! However, it is not unlikely that when you grew up you either became a woman or befriended a woman who does the exact same thing.

Why do we do this? Simple. You need stuff with you! If you’re going to carry a purse, why not fill it up with items that might be necessary in any imaginable circumstance? Some of the most common items are wallets, glasses, keys, etc. (which are totally necessary) but some things women like to carry things for "just in case" situations, like band-aids, tissues, perfume, makeup, deodorant, feminine hygiene products, pepper spray, underwear, and more. While it might seem like too much, if you ever need something that a girl around you has in her purse, you'll be grateful that she packed it.

Photo source: Mary Poppins