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Things Women Do That Men Will Never Understand

"Women's jeans never, ever have pockets."

OK, let's not say that women's jeans never ever have pockets, because some definitely do. Some women won't buy jeans that lack pockets. However, many pairs of women's jeans do not have pockets, and even if they do, they are sometimes too small to fit anything reasonable in them. One type of women's jeans that almost never have pockets are "jeggings." While they look like normal jeans, they are actually a very stretchy and tight material that many women find more comfortable. For this reason, pockets do not really fit. In other pairs of jeans made out of the traditional types of denim, pockets still might not be present due to a certain look or fit that is not conducive to having pockets. At least women usually carry purses around, so maybe pockets aren't as crucial. But let's be honest, our jeans usually look so good that pockets are the least of our worries.