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Treating Late-Stage Ovarian Cancer with Heat

Lori Moon is an example of the perfect candidate

Back in January of 2018, Lori Moon - a resident of Lincoln, Rhode Island – felt as though her stomach was swollen. “I felt like I was pregnant,” she said. After undergoing a CT scan, her results revealed that she had a blood clot that was close to her lung and something else – a large ovarian tumor that went all the way down to her pelvis and all the way up on top of her liver and around her spleen and colon. It was then that her oncology surgeon, Dr. Thomas Minor of Rhode Island Hospital, recommended proceeding with HIPEC treatment. “It was really the perfect solution for Lori in that because her tumor wasn’t one that would spread throughout the abdomen, we could do extensive surgery to remove all the tumor and then give her HIPEC which is chemo-heated chemotherapy that we give while people are asleep during their surgery,” said Dr. Minor.

Photo: WJAR