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Why Women Should Also Be Concerned About Sleep Apnea

Another sleep study

If a woman or healthcare provider raises the possibility of sleep apnea, a sleep study is then done to evaluate OSA or obstructive sleep apnea in a patient. According to the Alaska Sleep Education Center, two possible tests have to be conducted, namely the attended polysomnogram (PSG) and the unattended home sleep test (HST). The former is conducted with the aid of a registered polysomnographic sleep technologist or RPSGT. The latter is performed by the patients themselves. The patients will be given HST tools that are easy to use. However, the HST equipment is limited to respiratory effort, blood oxygen saturation, and airflow.

Though considered to be cost convenient, comfortable, and accessible, Home Sleep Apnea Testing is not accurate and not ideal for patients with other sleep disorders or medical problems. What is more, it is also not monitored, unlike PSG. Yet despite the challenges that this kind of test raises, it is undeniable that the benefits it gives are considerable.