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How Acupuncture Can Ease Breast Cancer Pain

The results were positive

After the first six weeks, all participants were asked questions regarding their pain, any side effects they were experiencing, as well as the impact of the treatment on their everyday lives. The participants in the true acupuncture group reported much lower pain scores (58%) as opposed to those in the fake acupuncture (33%) or waiting list (31%) groups. 

After 12 weeks of constant monitoring, the results of the differences in the acupuncture treatments remained significant and the only common side effect reported was bruising in the areas where the needles were inserted. “Identifying interventions to address aromatase inhibitor–induced joint pain is essential but has been lacking to date. This trial demonstrated that, compared with placebo, acupuncture may provide a durable, non pharmacological option for improving the musculoskeletal symptoms experienced by these patients,” said Raquel Reinbolt, medical oncologist. “Reducing the drug toxicity experience may then translate into improved adherence to therapy, and ultimately, improved breast cancer outcomes,” she added.