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Cervical Adenocarcinoma Is Correlated to Corovarian Metastases, Research Shows

Cervical: The results of the study

The results of the study

The results from the study revealed OM was diagnosed in 5 out of 217 patients with stage IB, eight out of 74 patients with stage IIA, and 1 out of 12 patients with stage IIB – for a total of 14 patients diagnosed with ovarian metastases. The average age group of these 14 patients ranged from 32 to 68 years old. The patients were observed with factors such as vaginal infiltration, endometrial invasion, uterine corpus involvement, parametrial involvement, fallopian tube invasion, and others. However, the results revealed that the patients with OM did not show a connection to tumor size, age during surgery, structure, differentiation, or lymph node metastasis. Moreover, the results showed that OM had no impact neither on relapse-free survival rate nor overall survival rate.