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How the Body's Natural Movements Can Stress Ovarian Cells

The ovaries are naturally under a lot of fluid shear stress

Ovarian cancer is one such cancer that you can find within the abdomen, known as the peritoneal cavity. Here, there is the large space filled with fluid in your body, and it extends all the way from your diaphragm to your pelvic area containing your ovaries. Even when you are the most still, like when you're sleeping, your peritoneal cavity always has fluid swirling around inside responding to motions of your muscle and the rest of your organs. The simple movements of your gut digesting your last meal, or your diaphragm moving to help you breathe - these all contribute to fluid movements in your peritoneal cavity.

Ovarian cells are particularly susceptible to fluid movement. This is because they are positioned at the bottom of this cavity. On top of that, cancerous cells in your ovaries can easily be swept away by the peritoneal fluid and carried off to facilitate the spread of cancer to other parts of your body.