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Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Getting Involved

Wear It Pink

October 20 is this year’s Wear It Pink Day, sponsored by Breast Cancer Now, the largest breast cancer charity in the United Kingdom. Wear it Pink day has been taking place since 2002, and is one of the biggest fundraising events in the U.K. But, regardless of where you live, everyone can partake. Simply wear something pink on October 20th, and perhaps make a donation to a cancer research organization in your home country. Since one of the greatest barriers in finding a cure for breast cancer is the lack of information about what causes it, research efforts are especially important. 

If there isn’t any event similar to Wear It Pink Day planned in your area, you can take it upon yourself to spread the word in your community. Even if you only get a few people to participate, the networks that they touch can make a big impact, and can mean a lot to those who have fought or are currently fighting breast cancer.