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Breast Cancer: Dealing with the Fear That Comes with Serious Illness

Support of any kind can help you feel positive

Lastly, try to find a support group that understands what you are going through. There are tons of groups and communities out there made up of other breast cancer patients and survivors too. This can be a group in your neighborhood or even an online community if there isn't a local group around you. Support groups are great because you can really let loose with people who truly understand exactly what you are going through. Even better, is that some of these people may have some tangible advice for you, having gone through similar situations and overcome them in the past. Do whatever it is to help you feel connected with your community and stay positive!

At the end of the day, nobody's going to blame you for being afraid of your breast cancer. It's a scary diagnosis for anyone to hear, so don't feel bad about being sad or afraid of what's to come. But know that fears often don't do you any good, and we don't want your fears to overrun your life. Learn how to manage your emotions and cope with them in a healthy way. Seek the support of loved ones and from the community around you. You'd be surprised how much they can help when you're feeling especially low about your breast cancer! Lastly, don't forget that your doctor isn't there to simply read you your test results and order your medication. They are there to support you in your battle too.