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Breast Cancer : Oncology physical therapy

Oncology physical therapy

In the web article 11 Activity Goals for During and After Cancer Treatment, we learn that in Ireland, oncology physiotherapists are also an active part of the healthcare team. (Note: Research shows the terms physiotherapist and physical therapist are interchangeable.)

As for the U.S., an online search did not readily reveal native colleges/universities offering specialties in oncology physical therapy. Only Memorial Sloan Kettering in NYC, and 5 in Texas, to include Baylor University, came up. While the search may not have been through enough, it is valid to say that U.S. institutions offering that specialty appear to be limited. What is common, however, are offerings for licensed physical therapists to complete studies to become certified in the oncology specialty either through online study or with experience in an oncology treatment setting. (A resultant exam for certification is then required.)