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Breast Cancer, Infertility, and Freezing Eggs

Minimal risks associated with egg freezing

While any medical procedure comes with its risks, egg freezing is very safe and a pretty mild experience. Before the eggs can be harvested, women will receive hormone injections to instigate the maturation of multiple eggs at once (in a normal cycle, only one egg matures at a time). Patients then receive another injection to release the eggs for retrieval. The retrieval procedure only takes about 15 minutes, and has minimal side effects. Most women are back to their normal routines by the following day.

While there are risks involved with any medical procedure, those associated with egg freezing are minimal. Most women don’t experience any physical side effects at all. In rare cases, women experience ovarian hyperstimulation as a result of the hormone injections. But, the side effects of this are simply similar to those experienced during normal PMS, such as bloating and mood swings. 1 in 4 women also experience a bit of redness or soreness near the injection site, since the hormones are administered like a shot, but that will dissipate when the injections are no longer needed. In most cases, any and all side effects wear off after a few days.