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The Most Common Breast Cancer Myths Busted

Having large breasts makes you more likely to get breast cancer

Just because you’re naturally endowed with large breasts does not increase your risk of breast cancer. However, being obese actually does increase your risk for breast cancer and other cancers as well. Though evidence supports that obesity increases cancer risk, there is no link between breast cancer and larger breasts. Large breasts might be harder to screen for cancer using the standard mammograms, but the size alone doesn’t increase risk. It’s the same concept when we talk about “lump” breasts. These “lumps” are actually called fibrocystic breasts and are usually harmless. However, just like having a large cup size, the lumps in your breast can make it harder for your doctor to find cancer in your mammography results. For large or lumpy breasts, doctors will need to have access to all your prior mammograms so they can compare past images with present ones. Large breasts and harmless “lumps” can sometimes be mistaken as cancerous tumors.