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The Most Common Breast Cancer Myths Busted

Mammograms, MRIs, or ultrasounds increase breast cancer risk

Mammograms and X-rays have radiation, and we know radiation gives you cancer. Naturally, some people are fearful that getting imaging is going to increase your risk of breast cancer. But numbers don’t lie, and many studies show that regular mammograms lower death rate of cancer in women. It’s highly recommended by the American Cancer Society that women over 40 get annual mammograms. It’s only a screening test, so you’ll only get exposed to a small amount of radiation anyway.

Both magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and ultrasound are sometimes used to clarify mammogram results. Some women might be fearful that getting extra imaging will increase their cancer risk. Rest assured that with MRI and ultrasound, there is absolutely no radiation used at all. An MRI uses magnets to generate images, while ultrasounds use sound waves. There is no known risk of causing cancer in either of these tests.