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Exercise and Breast Cancer in Women

Reducing cancer risk

A 2017 American Cancer Institute study determined that exercise also reduces breast cancer risks:

  • The Institute reviewed 119 previous breast cancer studies to correlate the findings. Of the 12 million women studied, 260,000 had breast cancer.
  • Institute findings demonstrated that exercise, such as running or fast bicycling, reduced the risk of breast cancer in young women by 17%. In those past menopause, the risk factor was reduced to 10%.
  • Additionally, moderate exercise reduced the risk of breast cancer by 13% vs. those who were least active.

In response to the Copenhagen study results, Hojman posits that “Our identified mechanism of an epinephrine-driven regulation of the Hippo signaling pathway during exercise could certainly also be envisioned to work in other types of cancer.”

She also relates that the breast cancer patients in the Copenhagen study did very well with their required exercise program and expected other cancer patients would also be able to participate in the exercise training the Danish researchers will be proposing.