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Women Donate Thousands of Ounces of Breast Milk for Those Fighting Breast Cancer

Deciding to donate after a stillborn birth

The stories do not stop here. Another mother by the name of Wendy Cruz-Chan decided to donate over 16 gallons of her breast milk after she gave birth to a stillborn baby boy. At 19 weeks pregnant, Cruz-Chan experienced a rare uterine infection, which unfortunately led to her baby being stillborn. “I wanted to turn something tragic into something good,” she said. Upon leaving the hospital, Cruz-Chan realized that her milk ducts were developing and so she and her husband made a mutual decision to donate the breast milk to mothers in need. “Even though I cannot personally breastfeed my own son, I wanted to do something in his name. That’s all I can do for him,” she said. Cruz-Chan stressed that donating her breast milk allowed her to experience a sense of purpose. Initially, she told herself that she would only pump breast milk for 12 weeks. However, after pumping up to 8 gallons of breast milk in 8 weeks, she was determined to double her goal in the following 4 weeks.