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Women Donate Thousands of Ounces of Breast Milk for Those Fighting Breast Cancer

This donor's over-production is a blessing for other mothers

Similar to Brehm and Holscher’s story, a mother from Oregon by the name of Elisabeth Anderson-Sierra donates over a gallon of her breast milk on a daily basis. Anderson-Sierra was diagnosed with hyper lactation syndrome, a condition that causes her to overproduce breast milk. “Not only do I overproduce, but I overproduce to an extreme if I nurse a lot and pump a lot,” she said.  She explained that due to her condition, she produces over 1.7 gallons of breast milk per day. However, her 6-month-old daughter only devours around 20 ounces per day. So, she decided that she would donate the rest of her breast milk to local mothers in need or milk banks. “Hundreds of mothers received my product. My milk is going not only to micro-preemies but also to babies locally. It’s full circle,” said Anderson-Sierra.