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New Developments Show a Promising Future for Ovarian Cancer Treatments

Final thoughts for Future for Ovarian Cancer

Final thoughts

Ovarian cancer is one of the most difficult forms of gynecological cancers to treat, and its effects can be devastating. While medical professionals haven’t found any new miracle drugs, recent advances in cancer research are continuing to broaden our understanding of the disease and improve the treatment process. While neither Lynparza or Rubraca can cure cancer on their own, their role in inhibiting the disease’s progress and elongating a patient’s health can be invaluable. A better understanding of how to best apply cancer treatments, in both the case of transitioning Lynparza to a twice daily tablet and in reaffirming the effectiveness of the 3-week chemotherapy cycle, also work to make treatment more accessible and manageable for patients as they battle this disease. Bit by bit, researchers are continuing to make headway towards better understanding ovarian cancer and developing methods for fighting it.