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New Developments Show a Promising Future for Ovarian Cancer Treatments

Results of the study of Ovarian Cancer

Results of the study

The authors of the ICON8 study found that among the women studied, there was no difference in progression of the disease based on the different types of chemotherapy applied. The authors noted that it’s not entirely clear whey ICON8 and JGOG3016 had different results since both studies were conducted with sizable samples and reliable methods. Researchers noted that it’s likely there may be some pharmacogenomic differences between the two populations, one being primarily European and the other Japanese, which could account for the different responses to treatment. While standard practice for treatment of women with ovarian cancer in Japan has changed to allow for both 3-week and 1-week cycle options, based on the information in ICON8, treatment for European women will continue with the standard 3-week cycles.

More information about the ICON8 study can be found at News-Medical.net.