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The Importance of Education During Breast Cancer Awareness Month

importance of education during breast cancer

The Importance of Education During Breast Cancer Awareness Month

1 in 8 women will develop breast cancer in her lifetime. This staggering statistic means that it’s very likely that anyone will be impacted by the disease at some point whether it be personal or with a loved one. Breast cancer victims and survivors include women from all walks of life: Mothers, sisters, daughters, co-workers, and celebrities.

Celebrities such as Guiuliana Rancic were able to detect their cancer with the help of mammogram screenings. At the time of diagnosis she was 36 years old. Moreover she never has any family history of cancer until till the part of her IVF treatment she got her mammogram done. It showed that she was in the early stage of cancer. Also Sheryl Crow and Cynthia Nixon were diagnosed by doing a routine mammogram screenings. Nixonx’s mother is a cancer survivor whereas Crow did not have such family history. However they were able to beat the disease since they took the action right away.

No doubt mammograms are life saving and are excellent indicators that help to detect cancer but they too have certain downsides. Sometimes in the X-ray abnormal cells are identified and it can give false positive results. These are actually non cancerous cells. Further diagnostic tests should be done after mammogram results. Still for some women anxiety and stress may results due to false positive result.  In order to do the follow up diagnostic procedures they have to go through unnecessary financial burden. It has been noted that as the number of screenings increases the chances of getting a false positive results too increases. Sometimes the tests may not detect cancer. Kylie an Australian singe, went through the screening in which in the first round it came out to be clear. She discovered cancer in her second round of screening. Hence it is always better to be safe than sorry. Follow your gut feeling just like Kylie did. The diagnostic potential of mammograms can save your life even though for a short period of time false positive results may cause inconvenience. 

From a very young age women are taught to detect breast cancer by teaching them to do self diagnosis.  Self diagnosis has helped to save many lives by identifying cancerous lumps in the breast.  While conducting self exam, musician Melissa Etheridge discovered her breast cancer. Due to cancer she had lost many family members still while carrying on with her career she battled with the disease. As a first step to identify potentially cancerous abnormalities self breast exams are extremely important. To identify your own cancer it can be extremely empowering. To confirm further diagnosis is needed but the women can take her health in her own hands and take the required action by doing the self examination. 

The course of treatment differs for every woman. But every woman goes through certain standard measures as a part of her treatment such as chemotherapy, radiation and lumpectomy surgery. Some may opt for mastectomy in severe cases. Some may undergo mastectomy as a preventive measure. One such example is Angelina Jolie. 

Men too may suffer from breast cancer. However the mortality rate in women is higher. Men may seek delayed treatment due to lack of awareness. The celebrities are an inspiration to everyone. They teach that women should take control of their own health and not fear what others will think. These celebrities have taught the importance of detecting cancer at early stage. Do not think that you are alone in this battle and do not feel ashamed to go through the diagnosis. Such celebrities are a source of hope and inspiration to others.