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How the Kardashians’ Waist Training Can Get You a 22” Waist

How the Kardashians’ Waist Training Can Get You a 22” Waist

How the Kardashians’ Waist Training Can Get You a 22” Waist

Women everywhere are always on a quest to look slim and fit. With all the fads out there and special diet regimes, it's hard to know what actually produces results and what doesn't. Before you know it, you've spent hundreds of dollars on something that may not even work!

The waist trainer: Find out more about this popular new workout fad.

Recently, we have seen the famously curvy Kardashian sisters sporting a new fashion when they head to the gym. It's a small, corset-looking brace that cinches around their waistlines. Turns out that this new trend is more than just a fashion statement. It also serves a real purpose. It's called a waist trainer, and it's supposed to help slim down your waist by pushing the fat around the area down to your hips.

Why are these women wearing such an uncomfortable-looking piece of clothing to the gym?

Activewear is usually very stretchy and breathable because we don't want to restrict movement while we exercise. At first glance, the waist trainer looks extremely uncomfortable, which is a little surprising since it's used almost exclusively for exercise. It can't be fun wearing something that tight anywhere on your body. If it's tight enough to supposedly move your fat around, it's probably going to resist your movement too. Another concern is whether or not you can properly breathe when wearing such a contraption since it cinches right around where your diaphragm needs to expand. On that note, creating such a tight space for your internal organs can't be healthy for your body either.

Does the waist trainer even work?

Beyond that, it's also bound to raise many eyebrows as to whether or not it can really live up to what it claims to do. If it's not going to end up working, you risk having suffered real physical discomfort and wasting money to no avail.

An Elite Daily writer tries the waist trainer for a month

Elite Daily's senior entertainment writer, Katie Corvino, decided to give the Kardashian waist trainer a try. As a Kardashian fan herself, she has tried many of the fads and gadgets the sisters often promote on their popular TV series Keeping up with the Kardashians. Though it's mostly in the spirit of fun and games, Corvino was surprised to find that the fit tea promoted by Kylie Jenner actually helped her lose some weight with minimal effort. Corvino decided to take a shot with the waist trainer too to see what the fad was all about.

She decided to wear the trainer to the gym or when jogging for a month. Though she doesn't work out regularly, she adopted a quasi-routine workout schedule where she would exercise about 3 times a week. Probably the first challenge of using the waist trainer is probably getting it on. Not only does the trainer look small, but it is also very tight. You might think that you aren't ever going to fit into that thing, and chances are, you might not. But Corvino was finally able to squeeze herself into the corset-like brace after some struggle. For Corvino, getting into the thing on that first day was her workout.

Read on to learn more about Katie's weight training quest, and to learn whether or not it worked for her.