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New Test Outperforms CA-125 in Ovarian Cancer Detection

Cancer Detection: The study behind the test

The study behind the test

Angle’s European study, known as ANG-001, is being led by Robert Zeillinger, PhD, at the Medical University of Vienna. The U.S. study, known as ANG-003, is being led by Richard Moore, MD, at the University Of Rochester Medical Center, Wilmot Cancer Institute.

Professor Robert Zeillinger commented that the ANG-001 study shows the Parasortix-based blood test has the ability to differentiate between women with ovarian cancer and women with non-malignant pelvic masses. At the same time, he noted that by using ANGLE’s Parasortix system and a group of RNA markers, women can receive the proper treatment and care they require based on their medical needs before undergoing surgery. Dr. Richard Moore commented that the ANG-003 study shows the Parasortix-based blood test reveals successful differentiation between malignant and benign pelvic masses prior to biopsy or surgery. Additionally, he noted that the test offers benefits associated with genetic information. Such benefits can help guide women with ovarian cancer in their decisions to undergo targeted therapy based on their type of ovarian cancer.