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Ovarian Cancer News: Johnson & Johnson in Court Again

Ovarian Cancer News: Controversial issues

Controversial issues

Newspaper and television coverage of the huge settlement granted to Ms. Echeverria has brought growing public awareness concerning the implications of these charges against Johnson & Johnson. In a recent interview on Good Morning America, Dr. Jennifer Ashton, ABC News Senior Medical Contributor, cited studies that show a 33% risk of cancer for women using talcum powder in the genital area. She also noted that when she was in medical school 17 years ago there were warnings of that risk being circulated. However, she shared that women have a 1:75 chance of getting ovarian cancer, notes the issue is “very controversial” and that “other factors may be at play.” She concluded that talcum powder is intended to be used as a topical on the skin but not near any body orifices as talc “is an irritant.”