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Ovarian Cancer Is Not Just an Older Woman's Disease

Abnormal symptoms at age 35

Kimberly Whitehouse lives in Wilmington, North Carolina, and lives a fairly demanding life. She is a mother and wife on top a small business owner and a mediator in the public defender’s office in New Hanover County. At the age of 35, cancer of any kind was not on her radar, especially not ovarian cancer. Yet only halfway through her thirties, Kimberly began to notice her body going through unnatural and painful changes.

It began when she started waking up to severe stomach pains, getting out of bed and feeling as though she had worked her stomach out all night long. Following the stomach pains were fatigue and a sudden change in her menstrual cycle, but she attributed this to her busy and demanding work and home life. Being a mother, owning a business, and working a second job were, to her, obvious culprits for the fatigue.