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Ovarian Cancer Is Not Just an Older Woman's Disease

Kimberly is dedicated to educating others

Following her battle with ovarian cancer, Kimberly plans to make it her mission to educate other women about the dangers of developing ovarian cancer, and about not dismissing the signs and symptoms of a serious illness. What bothered her most about her own diagnosis was how long the symptoms had gone on without her going in to check up on herself, and she knows that there may be other women who have cancer and do not address their symptoms.

Her own tumor had grown to a surprising size before it began to cause her symptoms. As an otherwise healthy, physically fit person, she did not see how the tumor could have hidden for so long. She says see couldn’t believe "the size of these tumors that can just be living in there—I mean on women very petite and different sizes. You'd think you'd have some huge warning sign that there's this huge thing in your body but you don't until it starts causing problems."