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Ovarian Cancer Is Not Just an Older Woman's Disease

Symptoms can disguise themselves, making diagnosis difficult

There are many different signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer, but the problem is that they tend to masquerade as other, more obvious diagnoses before doctors are finally able to identify cancer. This is why, for example, Kimberly’s symptoms originally were treated as a urinary tract infection. The painful urination and stomach pains were too general to have been immediately recognizable as cancer, and it was her persistence in finding the root of her symptoms that earned her a faster diagnosis.

While many of the signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer are similar to other, more common health issues that women face, it is the persistence of symptoms that gives away ovarian cancer. Additionally, as Kimberly’s story proves, ovarian cancer can strike women of any age, even though it is known to affect older women more commonly. Kimberly raises the point that as a woman, with so many changes going on in women’s bodies throughout their lifetimes, it is never too soon to go in to a doctor’s office and address concerns.