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Ovarian Cancer: How Early Detection Saved This Woman’s Life

Cann caught on to her cancer just in time

If Cann hadn’t gotten the cyst removed at the time that she had, one more month of waiting could have meant the difference between life and death. Thank goodness that she decided to see her doctor and that her doctor was available to see her in a timely manner! Cann was told that she caught her disease just in the nick of time to give her a favorable prognosis.

Why is it so hard to catch ovarian cancer early?

The difficulty in catching ovarian cancer early lies in the elusive nature of the signs and symptoms. The most common symptoms reported are increased fatigue, needing to pee more often, persistent bloating, and stomachaches. Because ovarian cancer can become so large as to obstruct other organs in the body, women can sometimes feel unusually full only after a small meal or snack. This can cause some patients to lose their appetites as well. When working women and full-time mothers are bustling around the house or office, it can be easy to miss these changes in your body.