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Woman Diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer at 11, Now 23, Sings at Local Fundraiser

Woman Diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer at 11, Now 23, Sings at Local Fundraiser

Photo source: biancamuniz.com

When people think of cancer, people think of a disease associated with aging. But sometimes, tragedy strikes the younger generations as well. When a child has cancer, it is a much different ballgame. These patients haven't had a full life to live yet. They haven't had a chance to start their own families or live their own lives pursuing their dreams.

Singer and songwriter Bianca Muniz was only 11 years old when she was told she had cancer. Unfortunately for Bianca, she had ovarian cancer, which often carries a high mortality rate. Though ovarian cancer affects thousands of women every year, it's quite rare for a child to have it. After a tough battle, she was able to pull through and stay in remission for another decade.

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Bianca Muniz was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 22

Over a decade later, Bianca's streak of peace and health was suddenly interrupted by news of another terrible diagnosis. She had breast cancer. The young woman went through a double mastectomy to remove the cancerous tissue followed by several months of recovery. Afterwards, she began regular chemotherapy treatments that she will continue until Spring of 2018. Though she's very nervous about the surgery, she's continued to keep a positive attitude and fight on.

Bianca's local community held a fundraiser to raise money for her and her family

Recently, a New York High School in Sleepy Hollow held a volleyball fundraiser for Bianca. Bianca is a Sleepy Hollow native herself, and her story inspired the locals in her community to raise money and help in her fight against breast cancer. Bianca is all smiles as the community surrounds her on the volleyball court, and she shares her story to a packed gymnasium at the event. Young athletes clad in school colors of burgundy, white, and black enthusiastically practice with each other, passing the volleyball to each other as Bianca mingles with supportive guests. It's such a wonderful thing for the school to do to support a local musician suffering from breast cancer. The volleyball fundraiser was able to raise almost $3,000 for Bianca and her family.

Bianca sang the national anthem

As a talented singer with a beautiful voice, it was only natural for Bianca to perform the national anthem for an audience of supporting fans at her own local fundraiser. Stepping up to the mic with an elegant confidence, sporting a cropped hairstyle, thick gold hoops, and a sleek black turtleneck, she looks radiant as she filled the gymnasium with her smooth, velvety voice.

The young girls at Ossining High School look up to Bianca's positive attitude

Many of the young girls from the Ossining High School look up to Bianca's positivity and radiance. Despite battling such a terrible disease, she shares with the community the emotional rollercoaster that comes with having cancer. Not only does she try to stay positive, but she also recognizes the gravity of her raw emotions as well. She admits that though she is able to keep her head up most days, she too will sometimes need a moment to wallow in her sorrows.

How does Bianca deal with the emotional stress of having cancer?

Bianca has many outlets for her emotions. The now Manhattan resident has a blog where she shares pieces of writing to document her story and experience battling cancer for the second time. Using her musical talents, she also writes songs and plays the piano to help her cope with the intense emotions she feels throughout her cancer fight. As a young woman, she is a wonderful role model for girls everywhere. Many girls look up to Muniz as she has always stayed so positive despite the fate she was given.

Sometimes, even Bianca has a bad day. Part of maintaining a positive mental state is to embrace it and deal with it in a healthy way.

Whenever she feels particular down in the dumps, Bianca allows herself a day to wallow with Netflix and food. Then, after a period of time, she tells herself to get going and be productive again. She feels that by letting her negative energy out and coping with it in a healthy way, she is able to find the inner strength to keep fighting on. Bianca's mature way to deal with such a terribly taxing condition has helped her fight her disease with a smile on her face.

Bianca continues to be a talented and successful musician despite her diagnosis

Bianca is an inspiration. She is the perfect example of how important positivity can be when getting through tough times. Cancer is among the toughest of battles to face, and if Bianca was able to find the inner strength to get through it with a positive attitude, others can do it too. The singer-songwriter hasn't let her disease slow her career down. The talented musician has released albums and singles since her diagnosis in 2016. She's also preparing for a second surgery this December. Though she is terrified, she continues to write, sing, and actively partake in her community while she undergoes treatments.

If you're interested to learn more about Bianca and her story, you can read more at her online blog: http://www.biancamuniz.com/blog.

Bianca has a wealth of wisdom to share from her battle with cancer. At the young age of 23, she's already been through more serious issues than most people in their adult life. Not many people can say that they've battled and survived cancer twice. For Bianca, she's in the second leg of the battle of her life. Just like everyone else, she's also scared and down about her disease at times. However, this talented and exuberant young lady is an exceptional example of a strong fighter.

She's incredibly honest about her emotions, even when she's sad or scared. It's the healthy way that she copes with her condition that helps her keep a positive outlook despite the cards she's been dealt. Staying positive is an important part of the treatment process, especially because it takes an immense amount of inner strength to endure the treatment she has had to go through. From losing her breasts, to her hair falling out, the fatigue and side effects that can come with chemo - Bianca has been through it all and still carries a bright smile on her face when greeting fans and supporters of her cause.

Bianca doesn't let cancer rule her life, and her story can help others realize their inner strength too.